Mark Howland - Lighting Designer


Picture taken from Pains of Youth


Mark's lighting for The Man Jesus at the Lyric Theatre was nominated for Best Lighting Design at the Irish Times Theatre Awards 2014


" Mark Howland's lighting rises and falls exquisitely...."

'The Times on "Yerma" 2011'


"Audiences will also marvel at.... ...Mark Howland's sensuously undulating lighting design. "

' on"The Kreutzer Sonata" 2012'


"Every element here has been carefully orchestrated for maximal effect.... ...enhanced by Mark Howland's border-blurring lighting, "

'New York Times on "The Kreutzer Sonata" 2012'


"Mark Howland's lighting provides beautiful vistas of shadow and texture."

'Glen's Theatre Blog on "Dick Turpin's Last Ride" 2011'


" There are many clever, revealing touches. Mark Howland's lighting dramatically reflects the moral milieu, getting murkier as events unfold."
" Beethoven’s beautiful and turbulent Kreutzer sonata.....cleverly lit by Mark Howland"
"Lighting designer Mark Howland creates imaginatively defined areas of the stage, and enhances the tension with his subtle modeling of the actors.......- wonderful."
""This highly atmospheric production benefits from thoughtful lighting courtesy of Mark Howland "
Mark is represented by Associated Arts
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